Public vs Private Care

Our urologists operate on patients without Private Health Insurance at both Liverpool and Campbelltown Public Hospitals under Medicare.

Robotic Surgery (Prostatectomy and Partial Nephrectomy) is available under Medicare (no cost) at Liverpool Public Hospital via the Macarthur Urology team only.

Due to waiting list constraints in the NSW Public Health System, the waiting times for most surgery are generally longer than if your operation was to be performed in a Private Hospital. 

Both Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals are large teaching hospitals and as such, whilst elective surgical procedures will be closely supervised by a urologist, some or all of the procedure will be performed by one of our registrars (an experienced doctor in the process of training to be a qualified urologist). 

In addition, the type of surgery that you require will often determine where you have your operation.  This means that whilst you may live closer to Campbelltown, you may have to have your surgery at Liverpool Hospital and vice versa.  This is due to resource availability and infrastructure differences at the two hospitals.

All our urologists are committed to providing the best quality of care for all patients, however, we request that our patients understand the constraints placed upon us by funding for the Public Health System in our area. 

If you do not have Private Health Insurance but would like to have your operation performed in the Private Hospital by your preferred urologist, we can help to arrange this for you after your consultation.


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Macarthur Urology has been providing outstanding quality Urological Care to the South West of Sydney, Bowral and Goulburn for over twenty years. We are active in clinical Urology but also in education, research and administration of the Public and Private Hospitals of our area. Our members attend Campbelltown Public and Private Hospitals, Liverpool Public and Sydney Southwest Private Hospital, Southern Highlands Private Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

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Prostate Cancer

Latest technology and evidence to attain the best achievable outcomes for our patients.

Enlarged Prostate

In office objective assessment such as flow and urodynamic studies performed by experience.

Kidney Stones

Broad range of treatments for the management of kidney stones.

Robotic Surgery

Advanced, minimally invasive, alternative to more traditional open operations.

Sexual Dysfunction

Help you assess and manage the reasons for your sexual dysfunction.


The permanent treatment of urethral stricture disease.

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