To arrange an appointment for any location or urologist, please call our central phone number 02 4628 4719

Our experienced secretaries will guide you through the booking process over the phone.

They will take your details as well as the specific details of your referral.

They will help you find a suitable date and time for your appointment, as well as discuss the need for any additional requirements like interpreters.

You will also be notified of the cost of the initial consultation at this time.

A referral is a request in writing from one health professional to another health professional, asking them to assist in your diagnosis and treatment for a particular condition.

Medicare will not cover any costs if you visit us without a referral.

Some investigations can only be ordered by after a referral particular specialist to access the Medicare rebate – for example Prostate MRI.

You can choose the individual specialist you want to be referred to or ask your doctor to recommend someone.

If you are unhappy with a diagnosis, communication, or feel there might be better treatment options, don’t be afraid to ask your doctor to refer you to another specialist for a second opinion.

For any appointment with our Urologists you should bring:

  • A current referral letter
  • Your Medicare card
  • Any recent medical scans
  • Blood or urine test results
  • Your pension card or DVA card, if you have one
  • Private health insurance details if you have it

Other things that can be useful include:

The names and contact details of other healthcare providers you see

  • A list of your medication
  • A notebook and pen
  • Your notes, including questions to ask
  • Glasses or hearing aids, if you use them
  • Something to eat or drink in case there are delays or emergency situations
  • A book or some other form of entertainment to pass the time while you wait.
  • A trusted person to help support you

Our consultation fees vary between each urologist. You will be told the consultation fee at the time of booking any appointment.

If you require or elect to have a procedure, any operative fees will be discussed in detail at the time of the consultation.

Informed financial consent is important to us at Macarthur Urology and for any procedure you will provided with an estimate of medical fees detailing your procedure, the costs associated and your out of pocket costs.

During your consultation, your urologist will discuss in detail what to expect from different treatment options you may have.

We have handouts and information sheets in the rooms, as well as a growing volume of resources on this website.

Our experienced practises nurses will also be able to answer many of the additional questions that you might think of later.

At any stage, if you have concerns or queries, please call us on 02 4628 4719 and we can connect you with our practise nurses. If they are unable to help we can arrange your urologist to contact you when next available.

Following any procedure, you will be notified of your follow up instructions.

This might involve:

  • Another consultation with your urologist
  • A consultation with the practise nurse
  • An appointment at the public hospital
  • Follow up with your GP
  • A repeat procedure
  • Or another arrangement unique to your situation

If you have any queries, please contact our practise nurse on 02 4628 4719 for information in regards to private hospital procedures.

For queries about follow up following procedures in our public hospitals, please contact the Urology Clinical Nurse via the public hospital switch.


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Macarthur Urology has been providing outstanding quality Urological Care to the South West of Sydney, Bowral and Goulburn for over twenty years. We are active in clinical Urology but also in education, research and administration of the Public and Private Hospitals of our area. Our members attend Campbelltown Public and Private Hospitals, Liverpool Public and Sydney Southwest Private Hospital, Southern Highlands Private Hospital, Hurstville Private Hospital and the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse.

Our Services

Prostate Cancer

Latest technology and evidence to attain the best achievable outcomes for our patients.

Enlarged Prostate

In office objective assessment such as flow and urodynamic studies performed by experience.

Kidney Stones

Broad range of treatments for the management of kidney stones.

Robotic Surgery

Advanced, minimally invasive, alternative to more traditional open operations.

Sexual Dysfunction

Help you assess and manage the reasons for your sexual dysfunction.


The permanent treatment of urethral stricture disease.

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