Dr Haghighi

Dr Kayvan Haghighi is a Urologist who has been servicing the Southwest of Sydney and the Southern Highlands since 2007.  He was educated in Adelaide, undertook his Urology training in New South Wales and then completed a prestigious Fellowship at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland.

Dr Haghighi is the Head of the Department of Urology at Campbelltown Hospital and the Head of the Medical Advisory Council at Cambelltown Private Hospital.  He also operates at Liverpool Hospital and Sydney Southwest Private Hospital.  Dr Haghighi consults in our offices at Campbelltown, SOMA at Gregory Hills, Bowral and Liverpool.

Dr Haghighi specialises in Robotic Surgery for Prostate and Kidney Cancer using the da Vinci Robot.  He honed his skills in this highly specialised area of Urology by undertaking an acclaimed International Fellowship followed by a da Vinci Robot Preceptorship in San Francisco.  Dr Haghighi has undertaken the most Urological Cancer operations in the Southwest of Sydney. 

He is one of only two Urologists in the area who is able to offer Robotic Prostate and Kidney Cancer Surgery to both public and private patients through his appointments at Campbelltown Private and Liverpool Hospitals.  As Dr Haghighi is a very high volume Robotic Surgeon and was an early adopter of this challenging technique, he has been a proctor (surgical mentor) for other Urologists in the Southwest of Sydney and beyond.  In doing so he continues to pass on his expertise to Urologists who are less experienced, in order to assist them in developing their skills in Robotic Surgery.

Apart from his specialised practice in da Vinci Robotic Cancer Surgery, Dr Haghighi is also a proponent of the most innovative treatments for men with urinary problems especially due to an enlarged Prostate (BPH).  Dr Haghighi was a key player in establishing Laser Prostate Surgery for this condition at Campbelltown Private Hospital, following a Masterclass undertaken in Berlin, Germany. 

This type of treatment allows most men to safely remain on their blood thinning medication during and after their surgery, which can reduce their risk of heart attacks, clots and strokes.  In addition to Laser Surgery for the enlarged Prostate, Dr Haghighi also offers two other new (minimally invasive) treaments – the Rezum Steam Treatment and the Urolift.  Dr Haghighi has held Masterclasses for other Urologists both locally and nationally on Surgery for an Enlarged Prostate due to his vast experience in dealing with these cases and the variety of innovative treatment options that he offers.

Dr Haghighi also offers treatment for Kidney Stone disease and has been integral in the expansion of Campbelltown Hospital as one of the largest Kidney Stone Surgery units in Australia.  Furthermore, Dr Haghighi has a passion for Male Sexual Dysfunction and is a local expert in Penile Prosthesis Surgery for Erectile Dysfunction (including post Prostate Cancer Surgery) and Penile Reconstructive Surgery for Peyronie’s Disease (Penile Curvature).  He can also provide care for patients with blood in their urine (Haematuria), men who require a Vasectomy or Circumcision and Testicular complaints.

Whilst his patients are his driving passion, Dr Haghighiis also actively involved in Research and Education.  Before commencing as the Head of the Urology Department at Campbelltown Hospital, he was the Training and Education Representative for our Urology Trainees at both Liverpool and Campbelltown Hospitals.  Furthermore, he is internationally published and is actively involved in research through the Ingham Institute at Liverpool Hospital primarily in the field of the Patient Experience following a diagnosis of Prostate Cancer.

Dr Haghighi understands the stresses that come with a visit to a specialist, especially when dealing with a Cancer diagnosis. He works with his three Practice Nurses to ensure that his patients have the best possible experience, both before and after surgery, should it be necessary.  Dr Haghighi is happy to see all referrals from GPs in our local area or provide Second Opinions should you have seen another Urologist and wish to explore an alternative view or treatment option. Dr Haghighi’s practice ethos is based around communication and empathy for his patients as well as his approachability.  He  takes the time to offer and explain all treatment options to his patients and to answer any questions that they may have with an emphasis on compassion and clarity.  Dr Haghighi passionately believes that the best Urological Care should be available locally and he has been pivotal in the expansion of Urological services in the Macarthur region.


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